9 Clever Ways to Repurpose an Old Chair

Eventually, there will always come a time when chairs will need to be replaced. Perhaps only one leg breaks or the design just becomes outdated. It’s feasible to have only one chair that doesn’t match any others. Or, maybe you just need an update around the house in general.
There are countless reasons to have chairs around the house that you just don’t need anymore, but there are even more reasons to not throw them out. Actually, chairs are great to hang on walls.
Yes, a wall. It may seem odd, but it’s completely true.
In reality, chairs can be used as shelves to create adorable embellishments for the entire house. Here are 9 chair shelf designs you’ll want to recreate immediately:

1. Upside-down shelf

For this project, all they did was nail a chair to the wall and add a piece of wood for an extra shelf. This simple design is perfect for hanging towels and storing toiletries or candles.

2. Chair-back basket shelf

This idea is similar, but only the back of the chair is utilized. So, instead of hanging towels onto the chair itself, they added a wire basket and an extra shelf.

3. Above-the-toilet shelf

What was once the seat part of this now upside-down chair is now the perfect place for a candle or some incense. This idea could be modified to create a deeper shelf, perfect for storing toilet paper rolls as well.

4. Decorative shelf
Deciding what part of the chair to use and which way to hang it is the fun part, as there are many different ways to modify these projects (chair design, color, décor, etc.). A common decision uses the back of the chair, hanging upside-down to hang towels.

5. Bathroom knick-knack shelf
The bathroom may be a popular place for chair shelves because it works so well! On this design, hooks were added to the chair to not block the beautiful woodwork of the chair.

6. Distressed wood shelf
However, the bathroom isn’t the only place to hang chairs on the wall. This chair in particular remains right-side-up, but the wood was distressed to give it a beautiful finish. With a few vases on it, it’s perfect for the living room.

7. Sideways chair shelves
Placing two chairs next to each other works great too! These chairs were barely modified to be used as shelves, and they’re even perfect as pot holders.

8. Hall shelf duo
A chair doesn’t necessarily need to be hung on the wall to be used as a shelf. As with this design, a chair is simply placed on the floor with a smaller one above to show off holiday decorations in a hallway.

9. Chic shelf
Lastly, this chic shelf would be fantastic for the kitchen to be used for hand towels, but it could be placed anywhere in the house and it would still look lovely!
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