Tasty Slow-cooker French Toast

If you’re like me, waking up in the morning is always a struggle. Getting yourself out of bed is enough work, let alone having to cook breakfast for the whole family. Many people settle for coffee or a breakfast bar, as it’s quick and easy. But why settle for mediocre when breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

This recipe from Top Ten Reviews will make preparing a decent breakfast just as easy and the slow cooker does all the work for you. All you have to do is prep the ingredients the night before, toss them in the crockpot, and head to bed. In the morning, you’ll have a completed breakfast the entire family will love.

Throw some bread slices into the slow cooker, or break them up into bite sized pieces if you prefer. Day-old bread even works well.

Next, you’ll assemble the mixture to soak the bread. Top Ten Reviews used eggs, milk, and vanilla extract, but you can modify it if you have a favorite French toast mixture in mind. If you want to try something new, switch out the vanilla extract for orange liqueur.

Simply pour the mixture over the bread, making sure each slice is coated.

Add a good amount of brown sugar over the whole things, cover, and let it cook overnight (or for a few hours).

When you wake, all you’ll need to do is scoop out a portion for yourself and enjoy! You can even top it off with some fresh fruit, maple syrup, or even whipped cream.
Tasty Slow-cooker French Toast Tasty Slow-cooker French Toast Reviewed by Paul on 11:39 PM Rating: 5
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