Dad Builds Pirate Ship Bed For His Son

When his son got too big to sleep in his crib anymore, this handy dad decided to make a DIY boat bed with four different secret compartments!

This dad explained, he skipped making an exact plan of what he was going to build and jumped right into work! The cool part was he used recycled materials to keep costs down, including leftover materials from when he built his son's crib.

For one of the secret compartments, he installed a wooden post in the corner that when pushed down would open up a secret drawer. To later "disguise" it, he placed a pirate flag at the top

He smartly created plenty of storage room in the second secret compartment for bedding or his son's toys.

For his third secret hiding spot, this dad made another drawer on the "starboard" side of the boat.

With the finishing touches of the flag and some decorative branches, this dad's DIY pirate boat bed was all ready for his very excited son!

Dad Builds Pirate Ship Bed For His Son Dad Builds Pirate Ship Bed For His Son Reviewed by Allison DIY on 11:33 AM Rating: 5
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