How to Build Floating Closet Storage Boxes

Messy, disorganized closets can be a huge pain. Not only does it make finding anything you’re looking for near impossible, getting dressed becomes the ultimate aggravating task. It can ruin your entire day just because you end up so grumpy from the struggle.

If you are in desperate need of more closet space around your home, this tutorial from handyman Brad Rodrigues at FixThisBuildThat is perfect for you!

Even if you’re just looking for a way to organize the mess you typically hide in the closet, or have a really small or strangely shaped closet, take advantage of this solution.

Here’s what tools you’ll need:

Tape measure
Miter saw
Orbital sander
Cordless drill
4’ level

And the materials you’ll also need:

4 large wood crates
½ wood crate
2 small wood crates
2, 8’ 1x4 pine furring strips
3, 18” full extension drawer slides
Chalkboard tags
1-5/8 wood screws
Wall anchors

Before beginning, this is what the closet looked like.

After cleaning out all the stuff, mount drawer slides were installed in the closet first.

Rodrigues even built his own pallet storage boxes, which he also spray painted.

He then installed his DIY crates into the closet, creating a perfectly organized space.

To find the full tutorial and all the steps Rodriguez took to complete this project yourself, click here. You’ll be on your way to having an organized closet in no time!
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