10 Ways to Spice up Your Yard with a Tree Stump

10 Ways to Spice up Your Yard with a Tree Stump

With spring right around the corner, we’re all getting a little antsy for the warmer weather to finally arrive. Although it may still be cold out, it’s time to start thinking about enhancing your yard, creating an interesting and inviting environment for the whole family to enjoy.

Now, tree stumps have a lot more to offer than simply heating up your home. They’re perfect for decorating your yard as well! With these 10 awesome ways to spice up your yard, you’ll be able to create the yard of your dreams in time for spring with the help from some gardening tools, a little paint, and a tree stump.

Transform a tree stump into interesting and innovative yard decorations like little houses.


Or transform a little house into a bird mansion.

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Reshape your yard by adding in pathways to turn your yard into a beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing space that looks like something out of a dream.

Create a beautiful floral centerpiece by planting flowers directly in the tree stump.

Or use an entire log to take up more space and switch things up a little. 

While you’re at it, you can get even more creative by making your own flower tree to hide an eyesore. 

You can use flower pot hangers to make sure the flowers don’t fall on windy days. 

Or use already planted flowers pots to dress up tree stumps.

You can even dress up your yard centerpiece with some old boots for a rustic feel.

If you’re lacking outdoor furnishings, but you don’t want to waste your money, you can create your own table and chairs from stumps. Not only are they easy to create, they’ll make your yard really stand out. You can even paint them your favorite color for a more modern look, or leave them as they are. 

With so many different options and ways to modify these ideas, you can create a harmonious space in no time. If you want a more colorful yard, paint the stumps. However, you don’t need to with the use of colorful flowers and plants. 

What are you waiting for?! Get out there and make your yard look amazing just in time for spring!
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