DIY Wrapping Paper Organizer from An Old Stool

DIY Wrapping Paper Organizer from An Old Stool

If there were one item in just about everyone’s house that they really don’t have a great place to store, it would be wrapping paper. Sure, some people have handy wrapping stations, but can you honestly say the majority of homes have any real sense of wrapping organization?

As most of us only use wrapping paper around certain times of the year, the rest of the time the rolls take up a ton of space that could be better used. It’s tempting to just throw the paper away, but there may be a better way to keep the rolls out of your way.

Luckily for us, Sarah from Sadie Seasongoods found a way to store all her wrapping supplies in a much better way than keeping them in an old box in the basement. Even better, she managed to repurpose an old broken stool at the same time!

Sarah began by painting the stool a fun, bright color to freshen it up.

Next, she added on four wheels directly onto the seat, turning the stool upside down.

Sarah then attached varying sized pillowcases to the sides of the stool to hold all the wrapping essentials. The longer pillowcases ended up being perfect for storing gift bags and even tissue paper.

DIY Wrapping Paper Organizer from An Old Stool

Shorter cases were used toward the top of the stool to hold pens, tape, and smaller gift tags.

DIY Wrapping Paper Organizer from An Old Stool

Then, all she had to do was add in all the wrapping paper rolls directly into the center of the stool. This worked perfectly, as the stool can hold multiple rolls.

DIY Wrapping Paper Organizer from An Old Stool

By storing wrapping supplies in an old box, you don’t have the ability to see what you’re trying to find, leaving you to dig around searching for who knows how long. But with the stool legs holding all the rolls in place, you can easily see what wrapping paper you have available and find anything you need in no time!

Sarah even hung her scissors and tape from a side of the stool for even easier access. This, as well as hanging the pillowcases, can be achieved using double-sided Velcro loops, which are great if you want to remove them later.

Plus, the wheels allow you to take the entire stool organizer anywhere you need it to go without having to carry everything at one and risk dropping things. However, it won’t be heavy to lift if the need arises as well.

This great organizer will fit perfectly in a closet or even in the corner of the garage or basement, and the space you will save will have you feeling at ease knowing you home is slightly less cluttered.
To find more details and information about this project, head here.
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