A Clever Way to Repurpose a Desk

As do-it-yourselfers know, something wonderful can always be created from on old piece of furniture. But there are some projects out there that are just so amazing you just have to see it to believe it. Gail from My Repurposed Life turned an old desk that she purchased from a garage sale for just $15 into a gorgeous bedroom dresser.
She began by looking to desk over to see what exactly she could work with.
“The first thing I noticed was the missing middle drawer,” Gail wrote. “No biggie, since I knew I was going to be deconstructing the piece to repurpose it.”
However, upon further inspection, she realized the desk was in much worse shape than she originally thought. It would take a lot of work in order to save it, so Gail chopped it up instead.

To get this project underway, Gail flipped the desk over, took off the top, and completely removed the middle section to create two halves that once served as the desk’s drawers.

There were many different ways Gail could take this project. “If I wanted to take the easy road, I could make them into two nightstands or side tables,” she wrote.

Luckily, she did not decide to take the easy road this time. Gail chose to create a dresser instead. She mounted the two desk sides next to each other on a tabletop, connected the pieces with a scrap of wood.

She then used a thick piece of plywood to cover the top and placed all the drawers back in their homes.

“Whoa! It’s better than I imagined it would be,” Gail said. “Earlier in the day, I seriously considered scrapping this project.”
Gail held in there though, and when she added a coat of dark paint, the dresser really started to come together nicely.

After priming, painting, and sealing, she added new knobs and lined the drawers. Lastly, it was time to put it in the bedroom and test out her handiwork.

As Gail wrote, “I can see this used as a makeup, dressing type of table, or even in a hallway/entryway for those last minute run out the door items.”
Learn more about her project here.
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