Empty Pill Bottles Make For Perfect Pocket-Sized Survival Kits

You never really know when an emergency might pop up. Because anything can happen literally at any time, you really never know when something might happen so being prepared is a good idea. Some people may keep an extra pair of shoes in their purse or a change of clothes in the back of the car just in case.

Making a pocket sized survival kit will ensure your prepared while not getting in the way, or seeming like it’s just a bit much. With the help of an old medicine bottle, you can keep all the life-saving essentials on hand that won’t take up a lot of room for little to no money.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Old medicine bottle

This will serve as the kit holder. Just be sure to clean it out completely and remove the label.

2. Small flashlight

A two-inch flashlight fits perfectly into the medicine bottle and comes in handy if there’s ever a power outage or you find yourself running out of gas at night in the middle of nowhere.

If you don’t have one, you can find it on Amazon for only $12.

3. Matches

You never know when you might need some fire. Matches will keep you prepared no matter the need.

4. Strike strip

Attach a strike strip to the inside of the pill bottle’s lid with super glue. This will give you place to strike your matches without taking up too much room.

5. Mini lighter

In case your matches get damages, run out, or get wet, a miniature lighter will seem like a blessing.

6. A piece of candy

If you go on a long hike or end up stranded somewhere, your blood sugar could dip and a piece of candy could save your life. This is especially dangerous for diabetics.

7. Aluminum foil

Just one square foot of aluminum foil can have tons of different uses such as keeping food warm, repairing electronics, or signaling for help if you’re stranded.

8. Safety pins

Safety pins come in handy when you need to fasten gauze, make a sling, dig out a splinter, and so much more!

9. Sanitizing hand wipes

Hand wipes are beneficial when it comes to cleaning wounds or your hands if a sink isn’t available.

10. Antibiotic ointment

Small, individual packets of ointment can be expensive, but you can create your own by cutting a straw into smaller pieces, filling it with the ointment, and sealing the ends.

11. Fabric bandages

You never know when you might get a cut and need to keep the dirt out with the help of a band aid. Fabric bandages are perfect because they’re highly flexible and can fit just about any area.

Collect and arrange your supplies, and pack them neatly into the bottle.

If you have any extra room in your bottle, you could add in a fishing hook, fishing wire, strips or duct tape, gauze, tweezers, or even a small pocket knife.

Your tiny survival kit will take up very little room, so it’s perfect for your purse, backpack, pocket, or glove compartment.

Empty Pill Bottles Make For Perfect Pocket-Sized Survival Kits Empty Pill Bottles Make For Perfect Pocket-Sized Survival Kits Reviewed by Paul on 3:46 PM Rating: 5
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