How to Create a Candle Holder from a Wine Bottle

If you’re a fellow wine lover, you may have a lot of glass bottles that you either throw out or recycle. Instead of just trashing them, you could have fun creating something new out of the bottles.
Biance Barreto shared an easy way to cut off the bottom of a wine bottle on the blog Madame Criativa using nail polish and ice. Even better, she uses the then modified glass to create amazing tea light candle centerpieces.
Many people think working with glass would be a complicated process, and it can be, but this project simplifies the process. This proves just how easy it is to create the best crafts using glass.
All you need is an empty, clean wine bottle, cotton string, a lighter, nail polish remover, spray paint, and stickers for the decorating stage.
Bianca began by completely soaking the cotton string in the nail polish remover. Next, she wrapped the string around the base of the glass bottle near one inch from the bottom. The string is tied into place and the extra is cut off.
She then took a lighter to light the string on fire. As the nail polish remover spreads the fire around the entire string, it turns black.

Just before the flame completely burns out, Bianca placed the bottle into a bowl filled with ice water.

The quick change of temperature forces the bottom of the bottle to break off in a clean line.

Next, she used sandpaper to smooth out the rough surface of the freshly cut bottle.

To complete the project, Bianca placed circular stickers of varying sizes on the glass.

She coated the entire bottle with a few layers of spray paint (she used gold), allowing them to dry between coats.

Once the final layer of spray paint dried, Bianca removed the stickers.

Lastly, she placed the bottle over a tea light candle to create a perfect candle holder centerpiece for any occasion.

You can learn more details from Bianca’s project here.
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