How to Create a Gorgeous Dog Crate From an Old Crib

How to Create a Gorgeous Dog Crate From an Old Crib

It always seems like kids grow up so fast, especially babies. Watching all the baby stuff you spent so much money on quickly become unnecessary can be hard as well. Most people save baby clothes and toys for future children or friends while many just toss all the stuff they don’t need anymore. But the one thing that costs the most, the crib, can be used in another way you may not have considered.
Mindi from My Love 2 Create found a genius way to get extra years out of an old crib by repurposing it for another part of the family. See, Mindi’s dog, Sunny, was quickly growing and could no longer fit in her dog crate. So instead of buying a new size-appropriate one for her extra-large puppy, Mindi saved a ton of money and skipped the unappealing wire crate.
“This is when I decided to pull out my old reliable source…Craigslist,” she wrote in a blog post. “But not for what you would expect.”
Mindi purchased an old crib on Craigslist to transform for her dog. What a lucky puppy!

When the crib arrived, she started taking measurements to ensure the size would fit through her doorways and still fit her huge dog.
Next, she cut both the top and sides of the crib to ensure it was easy to move from room to room, if needed.

Then, she added extra reinforcements on the sides to accommodate the redesign.

Mindi attached everything together and created a “door” for the crate by cutting the part of the crib the normally slides down into two pieces, attaching them with hinges.

After everything was put together, she painted it a fresh white to match the wood already painted and freshen up the overall look.

Then, to make it easier to move around this large crate, which would come in handy when it’s cleaning time, she attached wheels to the bottom.

Mindi added a bit of style by placing gorgeous old barn wood to the top of the crate.

Plus, she added a vinyl marble floor. This not only enhances the look of the crate, it would come in handy for cleanup purposes as well.

“Sunny really does love her crate,” Mindi wrote. “It is perfect for her to sit, stand, and curl up in a ball and sleep. I love that she has so much room to move around.”

Even better, the crate looks great in her home! When the doors are shut and there’s some décor added to the top, the dog crate actually looks like a side table, which is such an improvement!

Learn more about Mindi’s project by clicking here.
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