Watch this easy tutorial to master the jasmine stitch in no time

Changing up your stitching patterns can open up a lot of doors in the crochet world. Half double, single, treble and double crochets are ideal for basic patterns, and allow you to create things like hats and baby blankets. Shell and popcorn stitches can also contribute to your repertoire, but these are just some of the many crochet stitches to choose from. Why not expand your options?

By learning about all the ways you can stitch, you can modify patterns to your needs, and perhaps even develop some of your own! Stitches are easy to learn – all you need is a little practice and patience. For instance, the Jasmine stitch is a fundamental stitch, and despite looking complicated to do, it’s far from complex.

According to Not Your Average Crochet, to get the look of a full star (sometimes called a “star stitch”), you must first complete two rows. Simply unite "puffs" together to create each star. The YouTube video at the end of this article instructs you on how to create a star stitch. You’ll see that each puff is comprised of three one-inch loops on the hook. To create a complete star, 2 sets of three-puff stitches are all you need.

Even though the Jasmine stitch is referred to as a beginner stitch, you should practice doing it several times prior before taking on a project of your own. This will give you time to familiarize yourself with the act of evenly pulling up individual loops for the puffs, and grabbing the yarn to anchor the end of a puff. It can be tricky - but feasible - to slide the hook through nine loops of yarn. Altering the yarn every two rows can enhance the look and feel of the stars.

This securely-packed stitch is unlikely to sag, making it perfect for creating hats, pillowcases, purses, scarves and coats. In fact, anything you can create with a regular stitch can also be made with the Jasmine stitch.

Understanding how to mix colors for every pattern is what makes this craft so much fun. The more you practice, the more confident you’ll be when it comes to improvising with patterns and colors. It won’t be long before you’re producing one-of-a-kind creations of your own. Check out the video below for the complete tutorial!

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